Opening plenary session
The road to cyber resilience — a walk together?
20 июня, 10:00 — 11:30
Hall Аmphitheater
The global worldwide network is a world which is already inhabited by more than 4 billion people. We go there to form our digital identity, do things that we could previously only in the real world, store and transfer huge amounts of data every day. For new generations, the cyber world is becoming the main space for interaction — it is faster, full of information and opens up endless opportunities for development. However, this world is fragile — the strategies for protecting the real world have evolved over thousands of years, and here we are just beginning to shape them for the virtual sphere. And we do not have these millennia at our disposal. So, how do we protect the new digital world from digital threats? Is this a task for each state separately or a common challenge for the whole world? Which approach to choose?
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