Topical session
An incident. How to bounce high?
20 июня, 16:45 — 17:15
Hall 2
The total number of incidents is steadily increasing, as well as their complexity. This is a fact. However, in terms of investigating and responding to them, they are all divided to three categories: very interesting, average and boring. What incidents does the business most often give up and why? Are APT attacks boring or extremely interesting? Who is behind such attacks and how difficult / expensive is to organize them? Over the past year and a half have the approaches of cyber representatives to attacks on organizations of various sectors of the economy changed? Is it possible to resist the attacks that we consider interesting? Is it worth spending time and resources on countering primitive and boring attacks? What is worth preparing now? Answers to these questions will be the analysis of several real attacks and actions of intruders in the captured infrastructure, investigated by experts of the PT Expert Security Center, and research conducted by Positive Technologies over the past year.
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