Alexey Novikov
Director of Expert Security Center, Positive Technologies
Has a diploma in Computer Security. Lecturer at Bauman University, teaches his own training course on cyberincident investigation and response.

Works in applied information security since 2005. Started out as a first-line engineer at a security operation center. Led a team detecting and preventing cyberattacks, worked in the national CERT, was engaged in developing the state system for computer attacks detection, prevention, and response (GosSOPKA) and promoted international cooperation in that area.

Joined Positive Technologies in 2016 as the head of PT Expert Security Center. His area of responsibility includes services related to incident response and cybercrime investigation, as well as assessment of network border security and expert support of GosSOPKA. He led investigation of several dozen incidents linked to various cybercriminal groups. Under his guidance, the PT Expert Security Center team detected and responded to activities of such groups as:
  • Cobalt and Silence (groups targeted credit and finance organizations),
  • SongXY, TaskMasters, groups that distributed ZeroT and PlugX (targeted production enterprises and state agencies).
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