About the Congress

The first International Congress on Cybersecurity took place in Moscow on 5-6 June 2018 and was attended by representatives from 681 organization from more than 50 countries, including Interpol, World Economic Forum, SWIFT, ICANN and over 45 Russian and foreign governmental agencies and ministries. The agenda included a discussion on the newest threats in the digital world and key directions in the global development of cybersecurity. The significance of the Congress was brought into stark relief by the opening address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The Congress program included seven discussion panels and nine technical sessions featuring more than 40 speakers. About 30 leading international and Russian companies had their stands at the Congress.

The Congress reached several important conclusions:

  • the losses of the global economy and Russia to cybercrime are unprecedented and continue to rise;

  • cybersecurity is 2 to 5 years behind technology developments;

  • there is an acute shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals;

  • cybercriminals are acting with impunity;

  • effective international cooperation is essential to counter cybercrime successfully. 

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