Congress Results 2019

International Cybersecurity Congres
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Legal environment

Capacity building

Threat intelligence

Disruptive technologies

Investments in cybersecurity


Key Takeaways

Promote international collaboration

Effective protection requires the establishment of a trust-based international and cross-sectoral cooperation between governments, enforcement agencies and private businesses.

Overcome the skills deficit

The industry is facing a serious shortage of specialists. Filling the workforce gap is one of the priority tasks in the coming years.

Engage top management

Strategic decision-making on cybersecurity should become the responsibility of company executives as an integral part of risk management and corporate governance.

Exchange threat intelligence

It is necessary to share information about threats worldwide as well as upgrade obsolete systems and implement advanced security techniques.

Adopt ’Security by Design’

Security features as an inherent part of any system should be incorporated in the early development phase.

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